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RadioFreeTony by Hard Logic

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Its not everyday you pick up the phone and introduce yourself to someone who will in an instant, without reservation or hesitation, welcome you along on one of the most wonderfully surprising and endearing of life's journeys that you will ever have the good fortune to have experienced.

To many of those who knew him, his spirit was like a guide in many ways. We marvel at the ease at which he could enlighten us, continually demonstrating his effervescent commitment to life anew, each day revealing moments that lift us eagerly towards the next. We are amazed at the ease with which without misstep, he selflessly, and probably as much for his own amusement as for ours, would inspire us to take the lead, confident and trustworthy, opening ourselves up to find how truly grateful and blessed we are that together, we are all along on this expedition; and how anxious we are to see where we will go next!

Tony's music was the embodiment of his spirit, forever striving to energize every moment. With his comfortably smooth approach to ballads to his savvy and tasty R&B rhythms and leads to searing Rock power solos, his motivation was to just plain have fun with all.

His compositions knew no boundary. As explorative as with the way he lived life, his works encompassed a variety of forms and styles that led his audience on a musically exciting and whimsical journey throughout the lands and ages.

We are greatly saddened by his passing and sincerely feel an immeasurable loss, and yet, we rejoice that we have been truly blessed to have known, befriended, loved and been touched by him. He has not gone, but gone on ahead. In that, we celebrate the life and spirit of “our guide” with colorful stories, music and the fondest of memories.


Thank you so much Tone, God Bless.


written by Jeff Hobbs


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